Girlz N Tune is an ongoing mentorship program for teenage girls ages 13-18. Our curriculum consist of character building with activities to promote positive self esteem while developing important life skills such as: Etiquette, Building self-esteem, Confidence, Nutrition and Health, Career Development, Financial literacy, Community Service and Preparation for entering post-secondary education.



To empower teenage girls from diverse socio-economic backgrounds to make healthy choices in every aspect of their lives. As well as strive for excellence and become confident women who transform their communities.

If you're always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be.

Little girls with dreams become women with visions

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Girlz N Tune a nonprofit organization who is devoted to making a difference in the community. We continue to provide the highest quality mentoring programs that will benefit inner city teenage girls in the Detroit Metropolitan area.


We ask that you consider supporting our cause. Your donation will be acknowledged in several ways. Your donation will help ensure the success of our future.



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